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Infinite Potential: No One Ever Told Me That

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

I'm in the middle of a 300-hr Yoga Teacher training course. I'll be finishing up right before my 60th birthday.

A few years ago, after decades of an active yoga practice, I found myself 1. in COVID lockdown 2. emerging from a hellacious chapter of grief 3. participating in a powerful coaching program with 800 like-minded souls from around the globe, all of whom were ready to do something different (in my case to live a full, authentic, creative life) 4. loving an intensive online teacher training with my very favorite yoga community/academy based in India. After a 30-year adventure in the professional nonprofit world...I could never have predicted what Life was about to offer up.

There's so much that is different now that I am not only a student, but a teacher. The Yog-Vedantic teachings of Sattva Yoga Academy and Anand Mehrotra have given me the grace and permission to be right where I am, allowing this moment to unfold as it is. I don’t have to go back into the past to look at regrets and difficult experiences. These are surely with me, and have helped shape me into the beautiful and resilient person that I am. I can allow for balance and calm and joy in my daily life, today.

And...I don’t have to fear the future. Why? It isn’t here.

What’s here is NOW.

To meditate now, to practice now, to share with others now.

To write now (right now). To trust, now. To be of service now.

Cry now. Laugh now. Make amends now. Show up real, now. Be your best self, now.

It's so very simple, isn't it?

To be love, have love, give love, receive love, breathe love. Now.

To stand with self and others when in pain and when in bliss-

offering an open heart, a soft touch, space to breathe.

Not later.


The integrated practices of this tradition have helped me shed an incredible amount of anger and emotional pain from the past. Old patterns and stories fall away. As I build my capacity through correct living, I release toxic thoughts and behaviors. Sometimes it surprises me, when I come to realize that something that has bothered me for years is just not there anymore! It is no longer in my consciousness. The space that this creates in my life is simply beautiful.

It's taken a long time and belief that this kind of deep shifting could even happen. It has required a consistent and reliable commitment to growth. A sustainable practice. Childlike optimisim mixed with hard work.

Also, it really helps to have this message given to you over and over:

You have infinite potential. You have infinite potential. You have infinite potential.

No one ever told me that before.

I (am beginning to) know that I have infinite potential.

That I have limitless capacity.

That I am here to love.

So are you.

There is no age limit for transformation.

When do we have limitless potential?


art by sierra, age 13, boulder co

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1 Comment

Jun 17, 2023

Thank you Lori for being here NOW with your infinite potential and inspiring me to experience myself more fully present NOW with my infinite potential! Love this journey Sister!

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