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"I loved your honesty, openness, transparency. It was so easy to follow along and I felt like we were sitting together." 


"This was all new to me. I've never even been in a yoga class before. Lori was so encouraging and open, suggesting adjustments for us newbies in a very gentle way. I think I breathed deeply for the first time in years!" 



Favorite reviews
so far!

"I just had an awesome Himalayan breathwork class with Lori. I typically don't like breathing exercises but she created a great atmosphere and her instructions were very clear.


I was telling my friend that after the session

it felt like someone had rubbed my naked body with a hard loofah!

It was so invigorating!

I had NO idea I could feel like that just by doing breathwork!

Highly recommend."

CH, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for today's class. I was amazed at how I lost myself

and could turn off the outside world and dive deep...

I was so far in and didn't realize class was over.

Another level for me!"

CS, Chicago, Illinois 

I think everyone should take a class with Lori. She breaks it all down to make it accessible.

I like the way she puts drumming, classical music and Pink all together in one class and it works! Breathwork is good stuff for sure.

SW, Providence, Rhode Island

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