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Here's What to Know about Workshops and Classes

First, come as you are.


- no previous breathwork or yoga experience is necessary

- no special clothing or equipment is needed

- we will be seated with a tall spine for the breathwork

- all yogic techniques can be modified to suit every person

- open minds and open hearts are most welcome

- the occasional guffaw might slip out

- there will be some arm movements and gentle stretching

- prepare to change your own energy patterns, release toxic thoughts, breathe new life into your body and mind, develop a state of peace and balance


- no writing experience is necessary

- sharing is encouraged but not at all required

- you will learn how to get grounded and energized at the same time,

using your breath, your words and stories, and your heart 

Questions or suggestions?

Please reach out.

DM me on FB or Instagram

I am here!

Field Sunset
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