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LifeStones was born a few years ago, when a lot of changes were swirling around my life. It was Covid, I was in the middle of my midlife situation and frankly, I needed a lifter-upper.


Not the kind that a beach vacation brings, or a visit from an old friend, that bigger life stuff. I was looking for sips, moments of joy, to insert into and throughout my regular days.  Clay "post-it" notes, if you will.


I create each LifeStone by hand with earthenware and stoneware clays, and use a variety of stamps—letters, Indian wooden mandala and metal floral—to create unique textures and design to each piece. A lover of color, I use underglazes, paints, and markers to accentuate the individual markings of each piece. Each LifeStone is unique and will never be replicated.


LifeStones make great gifts! Wonderful for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Teachers, Hosts, Graduations, you name it, these are a winner!


Surprise someone. Drop a Lifestone here and there and see what happens. Here’s some ideas: your friend’s backyard, your aunt’s medicine cabinet, Mom’s favorite blooming cactus, a colleague’s desk, a park bench, a bus stop.



LifeStones are available at my Etsy store:
Lori Stott Clay Art

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